Quarry strategy

From the seam to the finished product.360-degree strategic consulting services about how to develop a quarry and process the stone.

Looking for new materials and an optimum development of the existing quarries are the two key priorities of Studio Pandolfi.

360-degree strategic consulting services, designed to provide helpful advice in planning a company’s industrial strategic development and market position.

For two generations, Studio Pandolfi, based onCarrara, has been“The Art of Mining”: a methodical, scientific and functionalsolutions,helpingthe quarrying andprocessing companiesthat turn stone into architectural, artistic and design masterpieces.

Studio Pandolfibelieves that respecting the cultural and social traditions of every place in which stone is quarried is the foundation to develop the local industry and economy.

That’s why Studio Pandolfiis also involved in educational projectsabout the culture of stone.

Studio Pandolfihas designed and opened new open-pit and underground quarries in Italy and abroadand has made them productive. It has promoted and brought together local businessmen’sventuresall over the world. With FOX Marble, it has helped create the quarry industry in Kosovo, one of its success stories.

Studio Pandolfitakes care of a quarry’ life, from the design to the selection of the quarrying and processing equipment and machinery,then providespermanent assistance in the management of the quarry.

Dr Maria Pop is in charge ofglobal markets and project management.