The ‘smart quarries’ strategy

We provide selected clients with a strategy and method to develop new stone quarries or improveexisting ones to be competitive on the global market. We sharestate-of-the-art technology,in keeping with the identity and culture of thelocal community.

LinkingCarrara’s centuries-old culture of marble with the new cultures of stones across the world.

The Quarry Strategy

From the seam to the finished goods. A full range of strategic consulting services about how to develop a quarry and process the stone

The Smart Digital Quarry

Developing a quarry in the age of shared knowledge.
Technology and smartness.
Engineering services

Safety & management Systems

360-degree services, from risk assessments to certified management systems

Diving offshore

Management systems for offshore diving. NDTs and Strategies.
From the ancient marine culture to cutting-edge technology, with Italian leading experts

Partner tecnici

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