The philosophy underlying Studio Pandolfi’s consulting services is based on the assumption that, when astone quarry is opened in a virgin area or when the industry is still at an embryonic state, one cannot overlook the social and culturalimplications of the operation,as well as taking the workers’ safety, environmental sustainability and the company’s viabilityinto account.

In other words, integral human development.Where culture, environment, science and business meet.

The opening of a seam with lots of quarries and the growth of a specialistworkforcein keeping with the global world of stone can change an entire region, with positive repercussions as well as remarkable costs.

Just transferring technology and expertise by sending machines, equipment and specialists there is not enough.

Studio Pandolfiwill assist the entire local community instead to create a local culture of stone, with its own distinctive features, by calling on the local players to deployappropriate management tools for a new age of stone.

The philosophy chosen by Studio Pandolfi for integral human developmentis empowerment.