Studio Pandolfi designs and developsworking quarries by adapting the methods, technology and working systems to the distinctive features of the place.

When it recommends that a local business be opened, it opts for the empowerment theory.

Empowerment is a lifelong process whereby an individual, a population, a community, a business, a region or a countrydeliberately take knowledge and learn how to make it consistent with their own aspirations, their identity, heir natural and cultural heritage, their own journey through history and their own development; they know how to freely transmit it, even remotely, to people and populations who share the same ambitions. Access to information and knowledge means the triplet of receiving, processing and transmitting it. It is an extremely dynamic, interactive process; it is about taking their own fate and identity into their hands. It is also a prerequisite to a more participatory democracy. The local communities, even theremotest ones, are at the centre of a network of knowledge,they strengthen each other and join forces to venture into their development journey.