Safety management systems

Safety first!

Studio Pandolfi can help your company become competitive in an increasingly selective and exclusive international market, where providing quality goods and services at reasonable manufacturing prices, in compliance with the applicable regulations,above all with workplace health & safety requirements,is essential. Therefore, safety takes centre stage, from compliance to management systems, with a cross-disciplinary team.

We take a holistic and managerial approach to safety as well.

Studio Pandolfi can help your company become and stay compliant with workplace health & safety requirements. Over the decades, its team of interacting professionals has gained remarkable experience in several areas. They are constantly up to date and liaise with public and private safetyauthorities.

Our customers receive a full range of assistance services. From the first check-up to risk assessment guidelines, including specialist ones, to corrective plans, monitoring procedures, and so on.

The team members have remarkable experience in staff training, in the development of procedures, and in analysis of nonconformity as well. They always provide consistent bespoke consultancy, based on mutual trust.

OrlandoPandolfi and the professionals who work for Studio Pandolfikeep their skills constantly up to date to assist with specific risk assessment procedures, using certified equipment (noise, vibration, chemicals, MHL, VDT, etc.)

Our senior consultant, Gianluca Lombardi, specialises in risks for public events, shows and fairs, emergency and fire-preventionplans.

Our senior consultant, Sauro Cassiani, specialises in industrial and specialist risks.

The professionals who work for Studio Pandolfi build constant relationships with their clientsand assist the companies over time with the daily improvementof workplacehealth &safety,even as protection and prevention coordinators.

  • Keeping all records up to date
  • Regular audits and recommended improvements
  • Regular safety meetings
  • Lectures at staff training courses of any rank, even in extremely specialised subjects (so far, hundreds of hourswith specialist agencies)
  • The customers’ safety standards may be raised by improving their corporate management systems based on international industry standards.
  • Studio Pandolfi’sdynamic staff can work in Italy and abroad, coordinated by DrMaria Pop and developed by Dr Andrea Potenza, in the development of management systems (mainlyOHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001safety and quality standards) and in the conduction of self-audits or supplier audits.
  • Studio Pandolfiwill take care of your company from the development of a system to its certification withany agency. The main scopes of application of such techniques arecommercialdiving andquarrying.
  • For ISO 14001 integrated systems, Studio Pandolfirelies on the professional expertise of Dr Alessandra Fregosi, an expert in environmental issues of dimensional stone quarries.